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An Obstacle Course Rental can provide hours of fun and excitement for all ages. Rent a obstacle course for sporting events, corporate events, school events, or even simple gatherings and special occasions. A obstacle course is a interactive and challenging inflatable game. Participants have to crawl through, push through, and hop through obstacles and go through a climber and slide to finish the race. An obstacle course can provide entertainment for a large number of people because participants generally go through them and do not stay in them for a long period of time, thus giving everyone a chance to play. Rent on of the following inflatable obstacle course for your next party or event and see how much fun you can have racing through the inflatable with your guests.

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 Regular Obstacle Courses
32 Obstacle Course
40 Obstacle Course 60 Castle Obstacle Course Sports Obstacle Course Rental 

32' Obstacle Course

Size: 11'W x 32'L x 11'H
Obstacle Course Rental

40' Obstacle Course

Size: 11'W x 40'L x 12'H
Obstacle Course Rental

60' Castle Obstacle Course

Size: 11'W x 60'L x 20'H
Obstacle Course Rental

60' Sports Obstacle Course

Size: 11'W x 60'L x 20'H
Obstacle Course Rental

tropical obstacle course rental zip thru obstacle course rental dual zip thru obstacle course rental  

60' Tropical Course

Size: 11'W x 60'L x 20'H
Obstacle Course Rental

Zip Thru Obstacle

Size: 11'W x 32'L x 16'H
Obstacle Course Rental

Dual Zip Thru Obstacle

Size: 22'W x 32'L x 16'H
Obstacle Course Rental


 Obstacle Course & Water Combo  Back to Top
EZ Wet-N-Dry Obstacle      

EZ Obstacle Course

Size: 20'W x 22'L x 15'H
Obstacle Course Rental

 Giant Obstacle Courses  Back to Top
Extreme Obstacle Course Bounce Fusion Obstacle Course  Inflatable Maze Rental

Extreme Rush Obstacle

Size: 29'W x 40'L x 16'H
Obstacle Course Rental

Bounce Fusion Obstacle

Size: 26'W x 35'L x 12'H
Obstacle Course Rental

Inflatable Maze

Size: 32'W x 42'L x 7'H
Obstacle Course Rental


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