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Carnival Party Package C

Carnival Party Package C

20% OFF Carnival Party Package C includes our Circus Playland Combo, 3 Rectangular Wood Tables with table covers, 20 Plastic Chairs, Cotton Candy Machine with Lid, 2 10x10 Tents with Cotton Candy and White Side Walls, Knock Down carnival game, Hit the Bucket carnival game, Hi Striker Mini, and Bubble Machine. Have option to add more tables chairs at same discounted price. To swap bounce house to another design please call us at 818-848-1819. Can NOT combine with other coupon codes and deals.

This special includes:

  • Cotton Candy Machine
  • Pink Cotton Candy Lid
  • 10x10 Tent
  • (minimum quantity 2)
  • Knock Down Carnival Game
  • Bubble Machine
  • Plastic Folding Chairs
  • (minimum quantity 20)
  • Rectangular Wood Table
  • (minimum quantity 3)
  • 10x10 Tent Side Walls
  • Red Rectangular Plastic Table Cover
  • (minimum quantity 3)
  • Hi Striker Mini
  • Hit the Bucket Carnival Game
  • 10x10 Tent Side Wall Cotton Candy
  • Circus Playland Combo

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