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Inflatable Rental Tips

Which Inflatable Should I Rent?

There are hundreds of different designs and styles to choose from, but which inflatable design will work best for you? Some things to ask yourself include:

Is there a specific theme?

You want to match your party theme with the design of the inflatable, along with the colors, even activity of the inflatable. Sports themed parties should have sports activities or inflatables, while princess themed parties should have princess or girly inflatables.

What's the size of your setup location?

Are you limited with the amount of space or do you have a huge setup location? Knowing this can help you choose which inflatable would fit or which one will/will not work.


What is your budget?

Knowing your budget and how much you want to spend on a party or event can really help narrow down what you want to get. Here is a range of prices for different categories:

Bounce Houses $100 - $300

Inflatable Combos $150 - $400

Dry Slides $200 - $400

Water Slides/Games $250 - $550

Obstacle Courses $250 - $850

Interactive Games $150 - $400

Where is your party going to be held?

Having your party at a house, park, business, indoor facility or beachfront does make a difference. Public facilities usually require a permit to setup an inflatable. Not all public facilities allow all inflatables. Call us at (800) 873-8989 for more information.

View Park Rental Process for more information about renting at parks.

What age group is attending your party?

Knowing what age group the inflatable is designed for is a very important aspect of renting an inflatable. Renting the wrong inflatable can lead to safety issues as well as unsatisfacation from use.

Is it a water/pool party?

Some inflatables are specifically designed for water use, while others are not. Inflatables that are not designed to be used with water (Bounce Houses, Inflatable Combos, Obstacle Courses, Interactive Games) probably will not go good with a water party. It would be recommended to go with one of the Water Slides/Games to match the type of party and to provide a safe atmosphere.



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