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At Magic Jump Rentals we have decided to reach out to affiliated businesses and partner up in helping each other grow to be even more successful. We realize that many companies offer products and services in related industries, especially in the party amusement industry where there are many different types of products and services. It is our goal to connect with your business and begin working together to satisfy our customers' needs.


As a company that has a large established customer base of residents all over the Los Angeles metropolitan and surrounding areas who regularly plan parties, we have a constant stream of traffic to our company and website. Since you also market to these populations, but with different products and services, we propose a mutually beneficial alliance that can help each other’s efforts to reach these markets. We would like to feature a link to your business on our Party Planning  pages in return for the same from you. Given that we share customers with interests in similar products and services, this may help us refer clients to one another.

Once our partnership and links have been setup, we will send you a welcome packet with instructions on how to receive discounted prices for our products. We will also show you how easy and convenient it is to place reservations on our website for your customers with this discounted price. Our partnership will benefit you and your customers, and help you grow as a business in the process.

1) Get Partnership Link


2) Place Link On Your Website


3) Contact Us To Proceed


4) Get Discounts & Referrals!

About Magic Jump Rentals


Magic Jump Rentals, Inc. services all of the Los Angeles metropolitan and surrounding areas with amusements such as inflatable rides, waters slides, carnival games, concession machines, numerous party extras and even table and chair rentals. You are probably familiar with a number of party rental businesses in your area, but unlike them we build on and maintain a consistent relationship with our clients to ensure positive rapport. We have been growing as a business in the Los Angeles area since 1996 and continue to gain more customers and events every year.


Why Magic Jump Rentals?As a company, Magic Jump Rentals has  become one of Los Angeles' largest party rental companies around. We have also built a reputation on superior customer service and have gained favorable reviews by those who rent and use our products. From small families to Hollywood studios and everything in between, including local to national charities and event coordinators, Magic Jump Rentals has been involved in providing safe and fun amusement games for all causes. Customers have grown to love our products and services and more importantly to trust us, which makes it easier for you to gain referrals from us.  

Please take a moment to look at our Party Rentals website. Visit the Party Planning pages to find your city’s page to be featured in for your business. We look forward to getting in touch to discuss this opportunity for a successful partnership.

Need Help?

If you need any help or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us, you can call us at 800-873-8989 and mention that you are looking to setup a partnership with Magic Jump Rentals, or you can email us for more help.



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