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Party Equipment Rentals provide for some essential party needs to make your party or event a successful one. Need some electrical power or extra effects? Our Los Angeles party equipment rentals can provide you with what you need to add some extra fun and effects to your event. These party equipment rentals are easy to operate and handle, and we have operation instructions to help you during your event. Spice up your event with some bubbles, sound, and other effects, or take down the noise with some sound dampening devices. We have all the essential party equipments for your event needs.

NOTE: A $25.00 delivery fee will be applied after checkout to all party equipment rentals unless rented with an inflatable product.

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 Visual (click image for price & availability) 
Bubble Machine Rental

Bubble Machine

Size: 7"W x 13.5"L x 7"H
Party Equipment Rentals

 Generators (click image for price & availability)  Back To Top
Generac 4000 Generator Rental PowerBoss 7000 Generator Rental    

4,000 Watt Generator

Power: 4,000 Watt, 7.8HP
Party Equipment Rentals

7,000 Watt Generator

Power: 7,000 Watt, 13 HP
Party Equipment Rentals

 Inflation Devices (click image for price & availability)  Back To Top
sound dampening blower box
30' Inflation Tube

Sound Dampening Box

Size: 2.5'W x 2.5'L x 2'H
Party Equipment Rentals

30' Sound Dampening Tube

Party Equipment Rentals


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