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Projector Screen Rentals are a great way to watch a movie, give a presentation, or show off a video with your friends and family. We have Projector Screens with different sizes for all types of events and occassions. These projector screen rentals are perfect for movie nights in your backyard or with a large group of people at a school or for city events. Our inflatable movie screen rentals are great for larger events. We provide all the necessary equipment for you to have a great movie night, all you have to do is provide the movie you want you and your guests to watch.

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Inflatable Movie Screen

Projector Screen Rental Includes:

1 Inflatable Projector Screen Setup

1 2500 Lumens Projector

2 400 Watt Mackie Loudspeakers

1 Blu Ray DVD Player

All cables for the setup.

What you will need:

Media to be used or to connect to projector, this can be a DVD to watch, laptop, gaming system, etc.

Inflatable Movie Screen

Size: 20'L x 14'H x 8'W

Mechanical Surfboard Rental

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