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Medieval Themed Party Ideas

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Themed Party Planning Tips & Ideas

When planning a medieval themed party, consider these ideas and suggestions that Magic Jump Rentals has taken the liberty to prepare for you. There are a number of party ideas to help you organize and enjoy a successful event.

Medieval Themed Party Suggestions

Medieval Party Planning

Themed parties are always fun. Hosting a themed party helps make planning easy with the consistency it provides. It is also inherently entertaining, as it allows people to enjoy a sense of character amongst each other, especially if the theme is mutually appreciated by all. 

For themed party ideas, Magic Jump Rentals suggests medieval themes. They are a fun idea that everyone can get into. Medieval times are a fun and exciting period to relive and reenact. Everyone can come dressed in their own creative king, queen, prince or princess outfit to complete a royal family. Others can ride in as the dukes, duchesses and knights of the castle while a few humble party goers can even arrive as the baronets. Either way you dress, you are sure to impress at a themed party. 

When considering food and drinks, it will be a nice touch to serve in accordance with the times. Meats and potatoes are a simple main course with vegetables and soups as side dishes. Make sure everyone eats with their hands! You may also get creative with goblets and wooden bowls for dinnerware. Going medieval is simple yet extraordinary. 

Magic Jump Rentals has great options for entertainment at a medieval themed party. The Princess Castle bounce house and combo are great for a girl’s party, while the Medieval Castle is more suitable for boys’ parties. There is also the gender neutral Castle bounce house that works well for all. For a little more fun and involvement, Magic Jump Rentals also delivers its Castle Obstacle Course. Unless you are going to feature horses and knights performing challenges, Magic Jump Rentals’ medieval themed inflatables are sure to please your crowd of noblemen and women. 

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